The Power of Conviction

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Have you ever had a shower thought that changed your entire perspective? That's what happened to me recently, when I was thinking about the concept of conviction and what it means to have conviction.

My longterm mission

For me, conviction starts with a sense of purpose and a clear goal in mind. Since 2017, I've had a mission to become wealthy and financially secure, with the freedom to do whatever I want with my time.

This goal has been guiding my actions every day, and I don't see it as a far-off dream, but as something that I know will eventually happen.

This is the level of conviction that you need to have for any goal you want to achieve. It's like knowing that the sun will rise every morning - it's a basic fact that you can count on.

And just like you plan your day around the knowledge that the sun will rise, you should plan your actions towards your goals with the same level of certainty.

What is conviction?

But conviction isn't just about being sure of yourself. It also requires a certain level of delusion, or a refusal to accept the negative statistics and odds that may be stacked against you.

If you look at the numbers, the chances of becoming wealthy, owning a successful business, or achieving physical fitness are all relatively low. But if you have conviction, you don't let those statistics define you.

You believe that you will be in the top percentage, and you act accordingly.

How to cultivate conviction

So how do you cultivate this level of conviction? It starts with waking up every day and reminding yourself of the person you want to become.

What actions can you take today to get closer to that goal? It's about believing in yourself and your abilities, and not letting anyone else's doubts or negativity hold you back.

Conviction and consistency

Conviction also requires a level of discipline and consistency.

It's not about trying to achieve your goals in one day, or even one week. It's about taking small steps every day, and being consistent in your efforts.

It's about being patient and not giving up, even when you hit roadblocks or setbacks.

Ultimately, having conviction means believing in yourself and your abilities, and knowing that you will eventually achieve your goals.

It's about having a clear sense of purpose and taking consistent, disciplined action towards that purpose.

So the next time you have a shower thought that inspires you, don't let it slip away. Let it fuel your conviction and guide your actions towards the life you want to live.

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