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Freeform Loc Videos

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I've been rinsing my semi freeform locs daily since I started them. This habit has provided 4 benefits for my hair that I'll share with you in this short video.


Video Journals & Self Improvement

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Through my journaling sessions, I've been trying or understand whether I've had an easy life or if the positivity in my life has kept my struggles from having a negative impact on my mental health and confidence.

Either way, I understand that I should live at my edge everyday and avoid having an "easy" life if I want to achieve a high level of success. Self improvement and big goals require struggle and failure along the way.

“Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times.” - G. Michael Hopf

You should be worried if your life feels easy right now.


Misc. Topic Videos

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How does Instagram use your psychology to keep you scrolling day after day? And what does Instagram gain from keeping you on its platform?

Instagram can be a productive app to use when you know how it works, but if you don't it will continue to suck the life out of you. Let's chat.


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