Stay Motivated Through Fall & Winter

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It is officially Fall, and one thing I want to say to you guys is just prepare yourself. If you live in an area where it gets darker and cooler when fall and winter come around, then you need to prepare.

When these seasons come around and things start to change, it's very easy to just want to be comfortable and stay in a house. Most people will be in the house more often than the summertime.

That's okay. That's actually good for you. If you have work to do, if you have goals to accomplish, this is a great time for you to be in the house.

But it's very easy to get into a comfortable mood. It's very easy to come home from work or school and just get up under your covers, get comfortable, stay there and just repeat that cycle every single day.

It's very easy to fall into a seasonal depression, just because the sun is not shining as much, and you're not outside as much. 

It's very easy to just get more "to yourself" and unmotivated and feel like you don't really want to do anything. So prepare. This is time for you to be in the house, but work on your goals.

Any goals that you may have, any habits you want to build, you should be in the house working on those things. Don't fall into old habits of just laying in bed, always watching Netflix, always playing the game, browsing, or scrolling through social media.

Get things done. All those things that you've been thinking about doing. Don't wait for New Year's to come around because by that point, you've already wasted a few months. You've already been in the house for a few months.

The things that I'm doing to prepare for this fall:

Number one, I started doing this a couple of years back, but as soon as fall hits, I start taking vitamin D, either vitamin D or cod liver oil, which is pretty much giving you the same vitamin that you need.

Vitamin D comes from the sun. And when it's when it's fall or when it's wintertime, you're not getting as much sun. The days are shorter and you're in the house more often, so you're not getting as much.

Sun and vitamin D affect your mood. When you're low in vitamin D, the side effects can be very similar to depression.

Even psychiatrists will test your blood before they start medicating you just to see if your symptoms can possibly be caused by like the lack of vitamin D in your blood.

So as soon as fall hits, I start taking vitamin D and I take it all the way through wintertime, just so I keep my mood and motivation up.

The next thing: Where I live, deep into the winter time, it'll be dark by 5pm.

So whenever I get home, at the end of the day, it's dark. I need to have a list written every morning.

Wake up. All right. What do I want to do today? And by the time I go to bed that day, I need to make sure I check everything off that list. And when I get home, I'm not putting on comfortable clothes.

I might take off my outside clothes and put on clean outside clothes, but I'm not getting in comfortable clothes like sweat pants. None of that. I don't want to be too comfortable when I get home knowing I have things to do.

During the summertime, it feels like that's the time you want to pop out, socialize, be outside, take trips, and travel. Right now, it's exact opposite.

During fall, you might want to bulk up. You might want to gain fat and some muscle. And that's okay because you're covered up in sweaters or covered up in hoodies.

This is time to focus on yourself, focus on your mind, body, all your goals, any business ideas you have, or if you've already started your business, work on that heavily. Content creation, and all these things that are easier done in the house.

This is the time to do it. And then when you pop out for spring and summer, you take off the hoodie, take off the sweater, and your muscles pop.

You've already spent a few months in the house grinding on your goals, and now you can enjoy the fruits of it.


But this is a reminder. Fall is here. Prepare yourself. Don't let yourself fall into a slump.

Don't lose track of your goals. And definitely don't wait for a new year to come around to even set goals. Set goals right now and start working on them. 

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