Taking Life for Granted

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It's easy to take things for granted after we've become comfortable with them, and this is something that I realized as I was sitting and stretching, looking at the beautiful view from my tiny cabin.

As the fall leaves fell from the trees and hit the sliding glass door, I was struck by the beauty of the moment.

But then I realized that if I lived here, there would come a time when the sound of the leaves hitting the railing would become annoying to me.

This is something that I've experienced before in my current house - what was once new and exciting became something that I took for granted and eventually grew tired of.

This experience made me reflect on the idea of appreciation and being present in the moment.

It's important to not become numb to the things that we once loved and appreciated, and to take the time to reflect on what we might be taking for granted.

When I return home, I want to look around and ask myself what I've been taking for granted and try to get back to appreciating the things that I once enjoyed about my living space.

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